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Storage FAQs

How much is my storage going to cost?

Your storage cost is dependent on the place you chose. Prices range $150 to $450 per semester stored. This price includes your packing supplies, pick-up, storage up to 4 months and delivery.

Is there a minimum storage order?

$150, our lowest price storage plan that lots 3 bins for stow.

Is the $30.00 deposit an extra charge or will it be used towards the cost of storage?

The $30.00 deposit will be deducted from your total storage fee on the final invoice. If you cancel without scheduling a pick-up, or cancel more than 48 hours before your pickup is scheduled, your deposit can also be refunded. 

My roommate and I are both going to need storage. Should we set up one storage accounts?

We recommend that you set up two storage accounts, one for each roommate. This makes keeping track of the items easier for us, and will prevent any billing disputes that might come up. Trust us, no matter how well you think you get along with your roommate you don't want to leave it to your memories as to who owes what share of your storage bill.

Where do you provide storage services?

We presently service Barry University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, University of Miami, Johnson & Wales University, Nova Southeastern University and any student or faculty living in a 10-15 mile radius of main campus.

Do I need to know when I want my storage items picked up in order to sign up?

No, you can reserve space for a storage pickup by giving a $30 deposit. (Either by phone or on the website), and log back in or call us later once you know when you want that pickup done. Once you reserve space for a pickup, you can choose what time you want that pickup anytime up to 3 days in advance, HOWEVER, the longer you wait, the more likely the time you want is no longer available.  

What if I decide to keep my items in storage past the end date of my storage term?

We are happy to keep your items in storage as long as you ask us too. For each month after your initial storage term ends, we will charge you 15% of what we'd charged for that initial storage term. 

Can I purchase extra insurance for my valuable items?

If you want to add extra insurance, it costs $3 for every additional $100 of insurance. For example if you wanted to add $1000 of insurance to a box, it would cost an extra $30. Make sure you let us know before or during our pickup of your items what items you want how much extra insurance for. 

Do you pick-up and deliver storage off-campus?

Yes. We can pick-up your storage whether you live in a dorm or an off-campus apartment. We offer service to anyone in a 10 mile radius from your schools main campus. 

How many days in advance do I need to schedule my pickup?

Customers should schedule their pick-up a minimum of 3 days in advance, but we recommend scheduling at least 2 weeks in advance to assure them of a suitable pickup time. Pickups scheduled less than 48 hours in advance are subject to additional fees. 

What should I do if I know I will not be ready for my scheduled pickup?

You should call us immediately. That way we can move you on the schedule and find a timeframe if possible. 

How long does it typically take for a storage pick-up?

Typically takes 15-20 minutes depending on how many items a customer has. Customers with larger items like desks, couches and mattresses take longer. Customers with nothing but boxes take less time. 

What happens if I cancel my storage reservation 3 days before my scheduled storage pickup?

You lose your storage deposit. Occasionally, we will refund this deposit however; it is NOT refundable if you did not cancel it and our staff showed up for the pickup. 

What is the time frame you give customers for storage pickup and delivery?

We give the customer a three-hour window. For example, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. We will try our best to be on the earlier side but the window is necessary for the unforeseen issues that tend to occur such as blocked vans, traffic, closed roads, or broken elevators. 

What if I need to schedule two separate storage pickups?

We will try to accommodate when possible, but second pickups are lower priority than first pickups. Always keep in mind there is a $50 minimum charge for each pickup as well. 

What if I bring out more or less than what I paid for?

No problem. You will be billed for the number of items that you actually store. There is a minimum storage charge of $150 for all customers. However, we will take as many items as you need us to. PLEASE keep in mind that if pay to stow 5 bins, and you give us 10 bins instead, your price is going to go up! See price sheet for individual item storage list. 

What happens if I miss my scheduled storage delivery?

There is a $35 charge if a customer misses their delivery. We recommend that you do not schedule delivery on the day you are flying in because of how common flight delays are. 

What does black out date mean?

Because of University restrictions, there are certain black out days where we cannot schedule deliveries. Our website will not allow you to schedule a delivery on those days, and our phone rep's are familiar with all the days for a given campus. 

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