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Laundry 305 offers commercial laundry services!

We have plenty of machines with industrial-sized load capacity—80lb washers and 75lb dryers—big enough to handle your laundering needs. 

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Businesses from restaurants to spas, hotels to chiropractor's offices use linens in their daily operation. Any business that makes use of linens will need to keep them clean, and Laundry 305 has the solution. We offer commercial linen cleaning service to businesses in the Miami-Dade area—and pickup and delivery are always free. Restaurants go through countless tablecloths and napkins during each meal service, not to mention kitchen towels, aprons, and uniforms. Spas have stacks of towels and bathrobes that need to be laundered after each use. We have washers and dryers ranging in capacity from 20lbs to 75lbs, so no matter how linens your business goes through, we can wash and fold them for you in no time.


Many businesses use towels. Spas, hair salons and nail parlors all provide towels to their guests. Gyms provide guests with towels to wipe down equipment or for use after a shower. All those towels need to be washed after each use, and trying to keep up with load after load of laundry in-house can be a big time commitment and a drain on company resources. If you need help keeping up with your spa or gym laundry, you might be interested in. Each towel is washed, dried and folded before being wrapped in protective plastic for delivery. Your towels will be delivered to you clean and smelling fresh from the dryer, every time. We even offer free pickup and delivery in the Miami-Dade County.


Cleanliness is important everywhere, but nowhere more so than in a medical facility, where cleanliness is necessary to promote sanitation and prevent the spread of contagion. From doctor's offices to dental clinics to hospitals, medical facilities produce a lot of dirty laundry. From scrubs and lab coats to countless sets of bed linens, blankets, towels and hospital gowns, there are loads upon loads of laundry that needs to be kept clean. If your medical facility needs help keeping up with all the laundry, Laundry 305 can help: we offer healthcare laundry services.


Hotels produce a lot of dirty laundry. All of the bed linens, from the pillowcases to the sheets and blankets, as well as any towels and bathrobes, need to be laundered after each use. Even modestly sized motels with only a dozen rooms will produce load after load of laundry, and doing all the washing and drying in-house can be a huge time commitment and drain on resources. We provide top-notch hotel laundry services and can have your business's laundry washed, dried and folded in no time. We'll even pick up and deliver your laundry free of charge.


Do you have an Airbnb or vacation rental? Are you tired of washing linens and towels after each client leaves? Let us take that responsibility off of your hands and schedule our free pick up and delivery laundry service. We are happy to schedule recurring pickups or by request when you need them. We will fold sheets in sets for you in separate packages to make your job easier when making up the rooms.

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