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College is tough, adjusting to 16 credit class schedules, developing new social circles, and joining organizations on campus... the last thing a student has time for is laundry.

Take back your time! 

Whether you call it Wash & Fold Laundry Service, or Laundry 305, we deliver quality laundry services to college students living on and off campus. Our attention to detail, modern eco-friendly equipment and cleaning techniques promises to provide you with the quality results you expect. Laundry processed with respect! Your laundry is washed, dried, folded, and bagged by trained staff. All processed seperatly so that it is never mixed with any of our other custumers order. Rest assured that what you sent to us will be returned.

We will keep you fresh and clean, and on a schedule. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. There is more to life, so enjoy what matters most and leave the dirty stuff to us. 

Take a load off your hands today! 

Proudly Servicing 

  • All colleges in Miami-Dade County



Wash & Fold

Wash and fold services for college students is simple. Pack your dirty laundry in any hamper or linen bag and drop it off to one of our friendly attendants on your service day (you'll never have to leave campus). Laundry 305 is proud to offer the students of the neighboring universities and college in Miami-Dade County, semester wash & fold services. Have your laundry serviced once per week, every week for 16 weeks. Service plans vary by weight of clothes. Click below to view options. 


Are you overwhelmed with the cultter in your dorm or apartment? Too many clothes? Laundry 305 offers semester storage for students with complex “space issues”. Simply pay per box and be done with the hassel. If you are considering a semester aborad, we’ve got you covered. Even during the summer months, you can store your most beloved items in one of our many temperature controled unites. 


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