Ahh! Clean laundry!

While you get valuable hours to put back in campus life or other causes, we handle your dreaded chore of laundry. From start to finish - we do it all - the sorting, the washing, the drying, the retail-style folding, the packaging, and the delivery. Anything you think is dirty enough to put in a laundry machine, bring it to us - we'll give it back clean and folded.

How We Work

Sorting clothes into three groups

Any proper laundry care has to be aware that there are three groups of laundry, not just two. We separate your clothes into three groups - darks, mediums, and whites. The extra sorting group ensures your colors stay bright and don't bleed onto other garments.

Earth-Friendly Washing

Your sorted clothes are washed with cool water (whites are washed in warm water) and Tide, America's #1 Detergent for 65 years. You can't get your clothes as clean as we can, celebrate that!

Careful Drying & Weighing

We make sure your clothes are completely dry before weighing and packaging. Weighing them after the cleaning and drying process means you get your clothes at their absolute lightest weight. Dry clothes also mean you ensure fresh smelling clothes upon delivery.

Retail-Style Folding

If you are like us, you like your living quarters clean and organized. Nothing creates the tidy environment like retail-style folding. Your clothes come back impeccably folded and hand-packaged in recyclable polywrap, ready to immediately be put away on shelves or drawers. You could actually display them.

Quick turn around

To get your clothes from you and back to you, we have a brilliant staff and laundry truck that comes to campus three days a week. They are ready to take and scan your dirty clothes and help in any way possible. Your clothes will be clean and back on campus within 24 hours.

Washing by hand

With all of the customers enrolled in our program we process an ENORMOUS volume of clothing. So, currently, we do not have the capacity to offer hand wash or hang dry service.

Laundry Service Ends December 4th.