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Laundry Service Begins August 20th and ends December 10th.

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Who We Are

Wash and fold services for college students is simple, especially with us! Pack your dirty laundry in a specially marked Laundry 305 linen bag and drop it off to one of our friendly attendants on your service day (you'll never have to leave campus). 

This clean routine, sorts and separates loads following international clothing labels found in your garments. 

We believe a hypoallergenic, dye free, fragrance free soap is not something you should have to pay extra for. The brand we offer Is TIDE.

Universities We Service

  • Florida Atlantic Univ.
  • Florida International Univ.
  • University of Miami
  • Johnson & Wales Univ.

World of a Difference

Laundry Care Insurance

We handle your clothes extremely carefully, video taping every single step, and weighing laundry weights at the start and end of the process. Should any item be damaged while in our care we will do our best to make it right. In an effort to keep our prices low and accommodate our customers' differing demands, we offer three different levels of insurance on your clothes while in our care. When a claim involves a small number of items we use our garment pricing list to determine any reimbursement.

Laundry Care Insurance is an optional purchase.

Standard - $50

Plus - $75

Premium - $100

Garment Price List


Any reimbursements for individual items will be based on the insurance you have chosen. Standard, Plus or Premium. 

For example, if you are female that claims to have lost a hoody with plus rate insurance, you would receive a $85 credit. 

Semester Laundry Plans


305-704-9342 info@laundry305.net